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Due to the fact that Mp3Observer is mainly an audio player that has a lot of useful file management tools that a user can utilize in order to optimize and organize his mp3 files, databases and playlists, this free fast file management tool for your mp3 archives is freeware that can be downloaded from the Internet in its use at home edition.

Similar to Winamp, you will get the ability to change various audio formats to mp3 and the other way around, edit those files and change their ID3 tags which stand for the additional information, import and export your files from portable devices and hard drives or any other external media.

You can use this user interface for almost every action that you would want from any other file managing program. Moving from directory to directory, preparing your files, rip CDs and even record audio streams.

System requirements and PRO edition

post2aThis is a very small program so you do not need anything specific, just an operating computer with Windows installed. It requires almost no space on your hard drive and it goes really easy on your RAM memory.

Once you run it on your system, you can choose whether you want it to run in the background or in a thread. Either way, it will not slow down your system or interact with any of the running programs and operations.

The home edition of this program is available for free while the pro version is an upgraded edition that has even more features and tools. MP3Observer supports mp3 and WAV files and you will be able to import files from various disks, directories or UNC paths using the method of drag and drop.

The pro version can even read comment headers of file types such as OGG. All ID tags are supported and you will be allowed to mass tag files and rename them, find duplicated files and delete them, generate ID tags in case that they are missing, which is common for converted audio files into mp3, and preview your newly converted mp3 files to check their quality before you export them into playlists or databases.

post2bThe pro version even supports enqueuing of multiple files into one playlist and you will get the crossfade feature as well as BPM counter. You can switch between multiple skins, engage smart tagging, view statistics, choose your batch functions like deleting, and file moving, auto track numeration and get support for Lame.exe or any other free program for configuring, encoding and decoding of your files as well as the audio grabber.

In addition to all this, there is even an option for putting or splitting files together. This is particularly useful if you are a DJ or planning to become one.

There are a lot more useful features but it is best to figure most of them out on your own. Indeed, MP3Observer is one of the best solutions when you are looking for a really powerful and efficient mp3 file manager.


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