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If you are looking for a user interface that will help you to manage your mp3 files, look no further, the solution is right before your eyes. Mp3Observer has all the necessary audio tool features that you need in order to organize and optimize your mp3 files with the minimum time and effort. The directory tree method of file organization will give you the ability to see all files in a single record form or in a table, all on the same monitor.

If you are using Musicmatch, Mp3Observer has the ability to read the proprietary tags, which is a really rare feature. Among many features, you will be able to sort your files by columns and even relocate your columns in the way that will best suit your taste and needs. This little program would be perfect for DJs and is actually recommended to them.

The features that you can use

post1aWhen you want to arrange your mp3 data in the best way, you will first need to browse your storage disk or any media for files. Mp3observer has a really great browsing mode that you can use for this. Now once you find and mark the files that you want to organize, you will want to import data into the specified playlist or a database.

This can be easily done because of the import button and once you click on it, you will be automatically prompted to edit the file details like ID3 tags, info, or even inspect and repair your file in case that there is something wrong with it. In addition, you can also export your new playlists and databases, make CD archives, create and organize playlists. But, that is not all. If you already have a file viewer that you like to use, once you import your new mp3 database or a playlist, you will be able to use that file viewer in order to open your newly imported database.

post1bMp3Observer is not just a file manager. It is also a player, a CD ripper that has an Shoutcast stream capture mode and the latest BPM counter. On top of all this, you will get a mp3 encoder and decoder. Now, all of this comes with the free home version of Mp3Observer. If you choose a pro version, you will get even more features that will give you countless possibilities how you can play with your files, change their bitrate and quality in order to get the best of your mp3.

This product is available for download for free on the Internet but, if you want to really get into the game, you should consider getting the pro version which is really amazing. If you just love to experiment with the overall sound of your mp3 files and if you like to convert other formats to mp3 and vice versa, this little program could be just right up your alley. It has all features that you need in order to do just that.




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