The mind that stands behind MP3Observer is none other than our distinguished CEO Evelyn E. Eldridge. Hailing from Spring Hope, North Carolina, we wanted to give our customers and faithful users a product that will help them to optimize and organize their use of mp3 files. Since its invention, mp3 has taken over the world in a very short period of time. We have optimized our user interface to become the ultimate mp3 file manager that will give you the ability to quickly and easily convert, edit, tag, change and repair, organize and archive your mp3 files.



Mia Benington

I can only say the most positive things about Mp3Observer. With it, my work as a DJ, especially with regards to DJ controllers has improved a lot. Thank you so much.

Joe Fridle

Mp3Observer is an excellent mp3 file organizer and optimizer. I can manage my files more efficiently than before and for that, you have my thanks.

Harry Walsh

This is a stunning audio files tool indeed. It has amazing features and it is possible to do whatever you imagine with your mp3 files.